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Charlotte Dobre



Charlotte Dobre is a professional actor, comedian and writer living in Toronto, Canada.

She has been cast in a variety of roles, including commercials for global brands like

 Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, ReMax, Lindt, Credit Karma, Turbo Tax, Mill St., and more.

Charlotte is the former host and writer of InformOverload, a trending news channel on YouTube she helped grow to over 1.8 million subscribers and nearly 1 billion views

Charlotte has also started her own YouTube Channel with a focus on reactions and comedy, where she posts videos daily. She grew the channel to over 200k loyal subscribers in just 6 months

Charlotte Dobre Commercial Reel

Charlotte Dobre Commercial Reel

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My Story

My Story

Charlotte Dobre has always been a performer. Her passion for acting began at Western Canada High School in Calgary, where she was cast as the lead in several school productions. With the support of her teachers, Charlotte made performing her career and was accepted at the University of Victoria's Theatre program, where she completed a BFA in Theatre. While in Victoria, Charlotte began her jazz vocal training with Gergana Velinova at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. It led to a renewed interest in singing, songwriting and her debut album, Breathe. She has several tracks on Itunes and Spotify, and her vocal work has been reviewed and acclaimed by several publications, including, DJ MAG, and Mixmag.

Charlotte continued her acting training at the New York Film Academy, where she strengthened her craft under experts like Lea Brandenburg (The Actors Workbook), Isaac Byrne (The Other Mozart), Victor Verhaeghe (Boardwalk Empire) and Melinda Hall (The Sonnet Project). While at NYFA, she was cast in the school's spring production of A Big Mistake, an honor reserved for exceptional students, and performed on the stage of the historic venue, The Player's Club. She also performed on an Off-Broadway stage as an ensemble member of The Actor's Project.

Charlotte moved to Toronto to pursue acting full-time. There, she started her journey on YouTube as a host, writer and comedian for the popular channel InformOverload, which she helped grow to 1.8 million subscribers and almost a billion views. Charlotte has written hundreds of segments for the channel, presenting her take on current events in a both quirky and informative manner.

Charlotte continues her acting training with John Riven as well as Toronto’s The Pro Actor's Lab.

Since beginning her career, Charlotte has been cast in a variety of roles, both on stage and on-screen. Most recently, Charlotte has been cast in commercials for global brands like Starbucks, Lindt, Hilton Hotels, Turbo Tax and Credit Karma.

Charlotte is an incredibly unique and special actor. She works at an artistic level that most average actors are simply not capable of working at. However far I tried to push her in my classes, she went farther. As a director, there is no other actor I know of quite like Charlotte. She is a rare combination of talent, range, work ethic and ability. As a musical theatre actor, she has a voice that is truly a once in a generation gift. In my classes, films and productions I have watched her perform in, all confirm to me that Charlotte is one of the most gifted actors of our generation.


Charlotte is a reporter for your favourite source for news on YouTube – Information Overload! Charlotte is constantly breaking news and making us laugh, think and question the world around us. With over 1 million subscribers, Charlotte and Information Overload are definitely a channel you want to tune in to.


New York Film Academy

"The Other Mozart"

...heavenly female vocals...


"Neon Steve teams up with fellow Canadian Charlotte Dobre for the catchy electronic breaks-lite title track. The vocal recalls an old hardcore box -- Baby D maybe or Rachel Wallace --"


"Charlotte is a driven and passionate young woman, with skills and qualities that make her uniquely suited to the craft of acting. She has pursued this business with the same enthusiasm that she brought to the classroom, and her success speaks for itself."

Victor Vehaeghe

Boardwalk Empire

Charlotte has proven time and time again to be a unique, talented part of the TAPNYC Theatre Company.

Bobby Holder

The Actors Project NYC




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